AR-15, $21K+ worth of police gear stolen from unlocked N.M. patrol car

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A convicted felon reportedly stole more than $21,000 worth of police gear and an AR-15 from an unlocked New Mexico patrol car, leading to an active investigation to recover the items.

According to KRQE News, Officer Robert Archuleta’s first noticed several items were missing from his patrol car when he discovered one small detail was missing – a plate carrier. The vehicle had not yet been equipped with an alarm system, according to the officer.

“When I got in my unit, I first noticed that my plate carrier wasn’t there,” he explained to detectives.

Ore. sheriff: Deputies will not enforce magazine capacity limits

Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan made it loud and clear Wednesday that her agency would not be enforcing newly passed Ballot Measure 114, which bans the sale of magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

According to KGW News, Duncan released a statement and shared to social media that reads: "Unfortunately, we are seeing the passage of Ballot Measure 114, which creates a required permitting system in order to purchase firearms AND bans gun magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. This is a terrible law for gunowners, crime victims and public safety."

Teenager was fined for reporting stalker to police five times before he murdered her

A teenager was murdered by her stalker after she reported him to the police five times in a tragic case described as 'avoidable'.

Instead of helping 19-year-old Shana Grice, Sussex Police fined her £90 for ‘wasting police time’ on one occasion.

Shana, a receptionist from Brighton, had begged police to take action against Michael Lane five times over a period of six months in 2016.

Deputy arrested after reselling guns used in deadly school shooting to federal informant

PHILADELPHIA — Two of the guns used in the shooting outside Roxborough High School last month, which left a 14-year-old dead and four teens injured, later ended up in the hands of a Philadelphia sheriff's deputy who then illegally resold the weapons to a federal informant, according to a court filing unsealed Thursday.

Mother of St. Louis school shooter asked authorities to remove gun used in shooting from home prior to killings

ST. LOUIS — The gun Orlando Harris used to kill two people at his former high school Monday was the same AR-15-style rifle his family had asked authorities for help removing from him nine days earlier, police said Wednesday evening.

Off-duty officer cleaning firearm accidentally shoots self, fatally wounds man

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — An off-duty Santa Cruz police officer has been accused of accidentally shooting and killing a 20-year-old man Friday evening, Salinas police announced Tuesday.

Salinas police were called at 5:45 p.m. Friday to the 1500 block of Antelope Drive for the reported shooting, the department said in a media release.

Francisco Villicana, 22, apparently was preparing to clean his personally owned firearm when he accidentally discharged a single round, according to police.

Louisville Cop Used Law Enforcement Database To Seek Female Targets To Hack For Sexually Explicit Content

A 2013 audit found more than half of Minnesota’s 11,000 law enforcement officers abused their access to driver data, with the most common abuses being searching for others with the same last name and “disproportionately searching for people of one sex.”

Lack of true oversight at the local level has led to federal charges against a (now former) Louisville police officer who abused his access to other people’s personal info to seek sexually explicit material with the apparent goal of blackmailing them. Here’s Josh Wood, reporting for LEO Weekly.

Look out for HR 8460

Viewable at

This bill would remove many restrictions that currently limit what the ATF can do. It does nothing to make people safer, or catch bad guys.

Here is a list of limitations, and prohibitions, that the ATF must currently observe, which would now be eliminated:

Doomsday prepper has spent $45K amassing supplies for nuclear disaster

A Missouri doomsday prepper estimates she has spent a whopping $45,000 fortifying her home — citing the war in Ukraine and surging inflation as the latest indications of an imminent apocalypse that has escalated her efforts.

Rowan MacKenzie, 38, has spent over a decade amassing ample food and survival supplies in anticipation of nuclear disaster or any other kind of societal collapse.

MacKenzie’s social media posts documenting her latest projects and tips for other preppers have garnered her a massive following of over 81,000 on TikTok.

San Antonio cop James Brennand fired after shooting burger-eating teen Erik Cantu in McDonald’s parking lot

A Texas police officer who shot and wounded a teenager who had been sitting in his car eating a hamburger has been fired, police said.

San Antonio Officer James Brennand was fired after shooting Erik Cantu, 17, on Oct. 2 in a fast food restaurant parking lot, police training commander Alyssa Campos said in a video statement released Wednesday.

Brennand had responded to an unrelated disturbance at the fast-food restaurant when he saw the Cantu inside the car, which had evaded him a day earlier, Campos said.


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