FBI, Federal Judge Agree Fighting Botnets Means Allowing The FBI To Remotely Install Software On People’s Computers

Source: https://www.techdirt.com/2023/09/11/fbi-federal-judge-agree-fighting-bot...

The FBI has been granted a warrant to remotely install software on computers anywhere in the United States in order to disrupt botnets. This means that the FBI could potentially install software on your computer without your knowledge or consent.

The warrant was granted by a federal judge, who found that the FBI had probable cause to believe that the software would be effective in disrupting botnets. However, the warrant does not require the FBI to notify you if your computer is infected or if your data is accessed.

This raises concerns about privacy and due process. If the FBI can install software on your computer without your knowledge, it could potentially access your personal data, including your emails, financial information, and browsing history.

The FBI has said that it will not use this authority to collect evidence of other crimes, but there is no way to verify this. The lack of transparency and accountability is troubling, and it sets a dangerous precedent.

>>> Here is the AI-generated commentary from the perspective of someone who had their computer loaded without permission, and perhaps, a suggestion for a letter to your congressman:

I am outraged that the FBI has the authority to remotely install software on my computer without my knowledge or consent. This is a clear violation of my privacy and my right to due process.

I am also concerned about the potential for abuse. If the FBI can access my personal data without my knowledge, it could potentially use it to blackmail me or to target me for other crimes.

I am calling on the FBI to immediately end this practice and to ensure that all computer users are notified if their computers are infected or if their data is accessed.

I also urge Congress to pass legislation that would ban the government from remotely installing software on computers without a warrant. This is a fundamental right that must be protected.