Cops use ‘pop up’ metal detector knife arches on London’s streets as stabbing crisis grips UK


The portable metal detector was deployed in busy Soho last night, with pedestrians forced to walk through it to proceed down a narrow alleyway.

Those who were seen turning away were then searched by officers.

Cops Hacked Thousands of Phones. Was It Legal?

For a week in October 2020, Christian Lödden’s potential clients wanted to talk about only one thing. Every person whom the German criminal defense lawyer spoke to had been using the encrypted phone network EncroChat and was worried their devices had been hacked, potentially exposing crimes they may have committed. “I had 20 meetings like this,” Lödden says. “Then I realized—oh my gosh—the flood is coming.”

'Swatting' now a felony under Ohio governor's new law

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill into law this week that aims to deter swatting: an all-too-common crime that is tying up police resources.

The Department of Homeland Security says it developed a portable gunshot detection system

DHS has not disclosed details about the accuracy of the system. SDS, which is owned by, says its indoor gunshot detection system has a near-100 percent detection rate with fewer than one false alert per 5 million hours of use [although] critics claim that gunshot detection systems aren't effective enough and may cause more problems than they attempt to solve.

Cutlery company creates knives with square tips ‘in response to rising knife crime’

A cutlery company has created a range of knives with blunt tips in response to knife crime statistics in the UK.

In October 2019, it was reported that knife crime had reached a record high in England and Wales, with more than 44,000 offences involving a knife or a sharp instrument recorded by police in the 12 months leading up to June.

8 Historic Cases That Show the FBI and CIA Were Out of Control Long Before Russiagate

Conservatives tend to have two bad habits. First, they’re prone to viewing the past through a nostalgic lens. Second, they tend to instinctively give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt.

These tendencies help explain why conservatives for decades have been able to overlook the many abuses—constitutional, legal, and moral—of US intelligence agencies.

Unlike some more seasoned media, conservatives have appeared genuinely shocked by revelations of the Trump-Russia saga: abuse of FISA warrants, classified leaks from top FBI brass, corruption, campaign moles, and an apparent plot to remove an elected president through undemocratic (and likely extra-constitutional) means.

Good Guy With A Gun Stops Amazon Warehouse Shooting Proving Gun Free Zones Don't Work

Oregon sheriff vows not to enforce strict new gun law: 'I take issue with all of it'

Linn County sheriff warns the embattled law will compromise public safety if allowed to take effect

Florida man shot, killed outside McDonald's after unprovoked attack on driver eating meal in car: deputies

A Florida man was shot and killed outside a McDonald’s after an unprovoked attack on a diner who was eating his meal inside a car, authorities said Tuesday.

Brandon Turner, 36, walked up to a car in the parking lot of the Port St. John fast-food restaurant around 8:30 p.m. Sunday and physically attacked the driver, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said.

As the driver was struck repeatedly, he grabbed a firearm in the vehicle and fired one shot, striking Turner, according to authorities. 

Turner was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Stossel: Black Guns Matter

We know about Black Lives Matter. This column is about a group called Black Guns Matter.

Maj Toure, a Philadelphia high school dropout turned activist, tells me he started it after he got tired of hearing people endless chanting, “Black lives matter” but saying nothing “when it’s time for Black people to defend their lives.” Toure carries a gun wherever he goes.

“This is my human right,” he says. “If anybody wants to come chase me down about that, let’s go to court.”


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