Doctor asks patients about firearm safety at home

A gun range may feel like a world away from a doctor's office, but some medical professionals in Wisconsin are training at one to save lives by learning about firearms.

"I felt like I had a real deficit in talking about firearms with patients," said Dr. James Bigham, a primary care doctor and clinical associate professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Bigham runs a class for medical students and staff about the basics of firearms at Max Creek Gun Range, alongside shop and gun owner Steve D'Orazio.

Skilled police interrogation tactics can lead even innocent people to falsely confess

A California man named Thomas Perez Jr. received a $900,000 settlement from the city of Fontana after enduring a harrowing 17-hour police interrogation in 2018. Key details of the case are Perez reported his 71-year-old father missing after he didn't return from walking the dog. Police interrogated Perez for 17 hours, falsely claiming they had found his father's body and pressuring him to confess. Officers denied Perez sleep, medication, and threatened to euthanize his dog. Under extreme duress, Perez falsely confessed to killing his father and attempted suicide in the interrogation room.

Perez's father was found alive at Los Angeles International Airport, but police did not immediately inform Perez. Perez filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging unconstitutional psychological torture.

The Mystery of AI Gunshot-Detection Accuracy Is Finally Unraveling

Liz González’s neighborhood in East San Jose can be loud. Some of her neighbors apparently want the whole block to hear their cars, others like to light fireworks for every occasion, and occasionally there are gunshots.
In February 2023, San Jose began piloting AI-powered gunshot detection technology from Flock Safety. During the first four months, Flock’s system alerted police to 123 shooting incidents. However, data from San Jose’s Digital Privacy Office showed that only 50% of those alerts were confirmed gunfire, while 34% were false positives. After recalibrating the sensors, 81% of alerts were confirmed gunshots, 7% were false alarms, and 12% were indeterminate.

Microsoft AI feature that tracks your every PC move

Microsoft's new AI feature, Recall, has come under fire for its potential privacy risks [^1]. Recall captures screenshots of everything a user does on their computer, creating a searchable record of their activity. While this may seem like a convenient way to find past information, it also raises concerns about the security of this sensitive data.

Cop FIRED After Pulling Gun For Parking Dispute!

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Secret Service denies involvement in Hunter Biden gun fiasco — despite 4473 'hot potato'

The US Secret Service has reiterated its denial of any involvement in retrieving paperwork from the gun store where Hunter Biden purchased a Colt Cobra revolver in 2018, despite recent FBI filings suggesting otherwise.

CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden's family DNA

According to an article in The Guardian ( ) the CIA orchestrated a fake vaccination program in Abbottabad, Pakistan, to gather DNA evidence from Osama bin Laden's family.

Summary of ATF Raid Incident

Following a botched raid by the ATF on March 19, Little Rock airport executive Bryan Malinowski was fatally shot in his own home. Despite public outcry, it appears no one will be held criminally accountable for the incident.

Two separate investigations typically follow when a law enforcement officer is involved in a fatal shooting. The first is conducted by local officials to determine potential criminal charges, while the second, by the officer's employer, assesses whether policies were violated.

Senators Expose Automakers' Sharing of Users' Location Data with Police

Senators Ron Wyden and Edward Markey have revealed that eight automakers, including BMW, Kia, and Toyota, are providing users' location data to law enforcement without requiring a court-issued warrant. This discovery comes despite the companies' previous pledges to only disclose such sensitive data with a warrant or court order. The senators urge the Federal Trade Commission to investigate these car manufacturers for allegedly deceptive practices. They highlight that only six automakers, including Ford and Tesla, strictly require warrants for location data requests.

Federal Investigators Demand Google Data on YouTube Viewers, Raising Privacy Concerns

Federal investigators have ordered Google to provide information on viewers of specific YouTube videos, sparking concerns among privacy experts. Court orders reveal requests for data on individuals suspected of potential criminal activities, including buying bitcoin for cash and making bomb threats. The orders require Google to disclose user names, addresses, telephone numbers, and activity for both Google account users and non-account owners who accessed the videos. Critics argue that these demands threaten constitutional protections of free speech and freedom from unreasonable searches.


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