Alabama school suspends 1st-grader for making finger gun while playing cops and robbers, says outraged parent

An outraged parent and gun rights groups are speaking out against an Alabama elementary school that suspended a first-grader, reportedly for making a finger gun.

Jerrod Belcher, whose six-year-old son J.B. attends Bagley Elementary School in Jefferson County, Alabama, says the school over-reacted to a game of "cops and robbers." A notice of suspension shared with Fox News Digital states that Belcher's son committed a "Class III" infraction on September 1 by "using his fingers to shoot at another student."

In a letter sent to Jefferson County school officials on Friday, Belcher's attorney M. Reed Martz demanded that the school "immediately and publicly confirm it will remove any record of an infraction, disciplinary action, or other sort of report" from J.B.'s record. Gun Owners of America, a national Second Amendment group, partnered with the attorney and state-based BamaCarry in Alabama to send the letter to school administrators. School officials did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Fox News Digital.

According to the attorney and school staff, on September 1, J.B. and another student were playing "cops and robbers" during recess. During the game, the children made pretend guns with their fingers and said "Bang, bang" at each other.



The article is about a first-grader in Alabama who was suspended from school for making a finger gun while playing cops and robbers with another student. The boy's father, Jerrod Belcher, is outraged by the school's decision, saying that it is an overreaction and that his son was not being a threat to anyone. He also points out that punching or hitting a student would have only resulted in a less severe punishment.

The school district has defended its decision, saying that it takes all threats of violence seriously, even if they are not real. They also say that the boy's suspension was for a Class III violation, which is the same level of punishment that would be given to a student who brings a weapon to school.

The article has sparked a debate about how schools should handle incidents involving pretend guns. Some people believe that the school overreacted, while others believe that it is important to take all threats of violence seriously, even if they are not real.

Here are some additional details from the article:

The boy's name is J.B. and he is six years old.
He was suspended from Bagley Elementary School in Jefferson County, Alabama.
The suspension was for three days.
The other student who was playing with J.B. was also suspended.
The school district's student handbook states that a Class III violation is "making a threat of violence or bringing a weapon to school."
The handbook does not specifically mention finger guns.
Jerrod Belcher has filed a complaint with the school district.

The article has been shared widely on social media, and many people have expressed their support for Jerrod Belcher and his son. Some people have also criticized the school district for its decision.