It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category Mozilla Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy

All 25 car brands the foundation reviewed collected more personal data than necessary and used that information for a reason other than to operate the vehicle.

  • Most car brands (84%) share or sell personal data, and 19 (76%) say they can sell your personal data.
  • A surprising number (56%) also say they can share your information with the government or law enforcement in response to a "request."
  • Most (92%) car brands give drivers little to no control over their personal data.
  • The foundation could not confirm whether any of the car brands meet its minimum security standards.
  • 17 (68%) of the car brands have a bad track record of security and privacy lapses.

The article also discusses some of the specific ways that car companies collect and share personal data, including:

  • Data from how you interact with your car, such as your driving habits, speed, and braking.
  • Data from the connected services you use in your car, such as navigation, music, and climate control.
  • Data from the car's app, which can provide a gateway to information on your phone.
  • Data from third-party sources, such as Sirius XM or Google Maps.

The article concludes by saying that there is little consumers can do to protect their privacy when it comes to cars. The author suggests that car companies need to do more to respect their customers' privacy, and that governments need to enact stronger privacy laws.

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