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What Happened to Lives Mattering?

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 1 hour 28 min ago

 Local hip hop artist BRB Loopy recovering after being shot 5 times [More]

Give me a second to compose myself and treat this with the seriousness it deserves.

On second thought, I'm not sure some inconvenient truths would be welcomed by all.

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As the Culture Terraforms

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 1 hour 44 min ago

 Washington Post: ‘Demographic Changes’ Spur Democrat Rebirth in Texas, Virginia, Colorado [More]

Thank goodness none of this has anything to do with that "single issue! Just ask anyone in the "gun rights leadership."

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It's His Party and He'll Lie if He Wants To

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 1 hour 51 min ago

Did NJ Gov. Murphys’ Invitations to Pro-Freedom Groups Get Lost in the Mail? [More]

What, and let your intended victims know your plans...?

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The In-Your-Face Partisan

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 2 hours 6 min ago

 Roberts joins liberals again in denying relief from PA Supreme Court ruling allowing ballots, even without valid postmarks, to be counted if received three days after Election Day. [More]

Hello, Dolly...

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UPDATE: You're looking swell, Dolly...
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Somebody Step on a Duck?

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 2 hours 21 min ago



Here's the backstory ICYMI.
If it looks like Democrat dirty tricks, walks like Democrat dirty tricks, and sounds like Democrat dirty tricks...
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In Other Words, a Mole

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 2 hours 42 min ago

He had previously denied that he was "Anonymous." Asked in August by CNN's Anderson Cooper if he had written the op-ed and book, Taylor said, "I wear a mask for two things, Anderson: Halloweens and pandemics. So no." [More]

So we also know he's a self-admitted liar.

No wonder the DSM is so hot on us believing him.

UPDATE: Like I said, a liar.

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OFF Alert

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 2 hours 47 min ago

Vote. [More]

And help.

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The School of No Knocks

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 2 hours 53 min ago

 She argued that while such warrants are rare, they are primarily used in communities of color... [More]

So might it be possible to reach a different conclusion than the one we're being steered toward?

We all get that surprise raids have resulted in their share of obscene outcomes. That said, there would seem to be times and places when and where such options might be prudent and preferable.

"One size fits all" may work most of the time. I guess we'll see what happens when it doesn't.

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We're the Only Ones Loyal Enough

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 3 hours 21 min ago

 FBI agents urge Biden and Trump not to fire Christopher Wray [More]

No doubt most federal "Only Ones" share the same opinion on armed citizens as Wray and Richard Blumenthal...

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Coming Soon, to a Caliphate Near You

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 3 hours 29 min ago

 It was the third attack in two months in France that authorities have attributed to Muslim extremists, including the beheading of a teacher. [More]

That's Nice.

And Joe and Jo want to let them all in.

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A Game of Inches

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 3 hours 36 min ago

 Just a few thousand votes cast for any one of these third-party candidates could very well determine who is standing with their hand on the Bible on Jan. 21, 2021.  [More]

And who gets to sign what edicts into "law" and appoint which judges to uphold them...

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When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 3 hours 42 min ago

 UPS says it lost the cache of documents that Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed would damage Biden's campaign [More]

What can Brown do to you?

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Intended Consequences

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 3 hours 51 min ago

Did the head of a gun control group just admit “gun violence prevention” leads to shootings? [More]

What's the point of having a Monopoly of Violence if you don't intend to use it?

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'Peaceful Protests'

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 4 hours 4 min ago

 Coming soon, to a public square near you. [Watch]

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Day Before Yesterdaily Defense

The War on Guns (Codrea) - 4 hours 20 min ago

Mark talks with Bad Ass David Codrea. [More]

I have to say I laughed out loud when I read that. Someone ought to tell the wife and kids. 

Here's the archive for Tuesday's Armed American Radio Daily Defense with host Mark Walters.

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Virtual Child Molestation

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 10/28/2020 - 16:08

 Illinois student suspended over pellet gun seen in virtual classroom [More]

Well, we know the name of the boy. Why don't we know the name of the teacher, the administrators, and the board members responsible, so that the public that pays for them can give them each honest performance evaluations?

And tell me this isn't going to follow the kid around and be used against him in the future.

They just essentially SWATted the kid. The biggest bullies are the ones with policies against it.

Many were no doubt born after this 1965 Boys' Life ad and would expel any student who brought such a magazine to school.

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Speaking of Traitors...

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 10/28/2020 - 15:51

 While searching for something else I ran across an old post, where CSGV called me a traitor, that would have fit right into my new article

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The Big Picture

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 10/28/2020 - 15:27

 The big picture: Polling over the last few months has suggested that Texas, due in part to its changing demographics, has become increasingly favorable for Democrats. [More]

Well, good gee golly f*****g whiz, who could have foreseen that?

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A Little Bird Told Me

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 10/28/2020 - 14:55

 From a Colorado correspondent:

I have a friend whose wife is fairly high up in one of the healthcare companies that runs a bunch of hospitals in the metro area.  Here’s some information:

“Our hospitals are nearing their all-time high of China Virus cases.  (103 total cases) The severity is MINOR.  The infection needs to run its course, hit the folks it's gonna hit.  Then Herd immunity plays a BIG part....& the slope of infections DIVE a steep line.

Plus: the word on the street (Corporate higher-ups): Gov Polis is preparing to shut down the state the day after election. Reason for the delay: he wants Hick & other Dems elected & doesn't want to cast a dark cloud on Dems prior to vote."

Time will tell.
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Kamala's Nose Under the Tent

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 10/28/2020 - 14:49

Why Is No One (Except the President) Calling Out Kamala Harris’ Communist Ties? [More]

So Democrats want to put someone a heartbeat from the presidency with:

  • Communist Parents
  • Pro-Communist Boyfriend
  • Communist-Affiliated Protégé
  • Communist Financial Benefactor
  • Pro-Communist Chief of Staff
  • Communist-Affiliated Husband
What is it I've been calling her for years?
You have to wonder how these people get top-secret security clearances once they assume office. Having worked for a defense contractor, I can tell you just-plain-folks don't just get a pass.
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