Oath Upheld: Nashville Cops Refused Secret Service Request for Illegal Search of Obama Critic

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Homeowner shot two suspects in W. Harris Co. TX

<a href="http://abc13.com/news/sheriffs-office-homeowner-shot-two-suspects/334321... src="/sites/default/files/Capture.PNG" align="right" width="320"></a>A Katy homeowner pulled out a gun and started shooting to defend his home from two burglars, and he's talking to ABC-13 about it.

Justice Dept. will review practice of creating fake Facebook profiles

The Justice Department said Tuesday that it will review federal law enforcement practices in light of an incident in which a federal agent used a woman’s photographs and other personal information to create a fake Facebook account as part of a drug investigation.

The woman, Sondra Arquiett of Watertown, N.Y., alleges in a lawsuit that police seized photos and other information from her cellphone after she was arrested in 2010 on charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

La. Restaurant Offers 10% Discount for Gun Toters

Guns don't kill people, they give you 10 percent off your Cajun sausage order. At least when you visit Louisiana-based Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats, that is.

This local eatery started giving armed customers 10 percent off their orders a few weeks ago, and according to Port Allen's WVLA-TV, it's been "a hit." Kevin Cox, Bergeron's owner, is bucking the trend of private businesses barring guns by welcoming those who slap iron to a discounted meal.

Does Cox have the right idea with his gun-toting discount?

Legal Guns for Tender Vittles

DC Police Dept 'Loses' Gun Owners’ Fingerprints, Forces Them to Pay Fee to Re-Register

The District of Columbia is the only jurisdiction in America in which gun owners have to re-register their guns with the government every three years. The mandate was enforced at the beginning of this year. Now, the Metropolitan Police Department has been sending notices to residents with registered firearms to come down to their headquarters to be fingerprinted. The only problem is, most people are resisting the demand.

Brown gives non-answers about gun banning

We looked for a serious answer to the reporter's question to Brown, and in the hundreds of words (from the transcript) in answer, we found one statement that was definite, from Brown:


Senator Bob Smith follows up, referring to Brown's non-answer to this question:

Judge Says Los Angeles Law Enforcement Doesn't Need To Turn Over License Plate Reader Data

Los Angeles law enforcement has been battling privacy activists seeking access to license plate data for over a year now. The plate and location data scooped up by the city's many automatic license plate readers is considered fair game by law enforcement because visible license plates obviously don't carry any sort of expectation of privacy.

NJ Town Introduces Ordinance To Ban Recording Of Public Officials

<img src="http://libertycrier.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Helmetta-city-Council... align="right">It was an embarrassing moment for the New Jersey borough of Helmetta, a viral video showing one of their cops saying he doesn’t have to follow the Constitution because President Obama doesn’t follow the Constitution.

Federal Judge rules California firearms waiting period unconstitutional

<img src="http://controversialtimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Gavel.jpg" align="right" width="240">In a monumental decision, a federal judge has struck down the 10-day waiting period to purchase firearms in California.

Challenged by gun owners Jeffrey Silverster and Brandon Combs with the support of The CalGuns Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation, the laws were struck down by Federal Eastern District of California Senior Judge Anthony W. Ishii, a Clinton era appointee.

Police: Gun stolen from courthouse after it was left in men's room

Police in Derry on Tuesday were searching for a gun that was stolen after a court security officer accidentally left it in the men's room.

Officials said the gun was left in the men's bathroom at Derry Circuit Court on Monday.

"About 10:30 in the morning, we received a phone call from Derry Circuit Court," said Capt. Vern Thomas. "They were concerned about a firearm that was missing over there."

Court officials said the missing firearm belongs to a veteran court security officer who had his weapon at the beginning of his shift, but at 10:30 a.m., he realized it was gone.


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