The price that good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. -- Plato

7th Circuit affirms Armslist can't be held liable for bad guys doing bad things

Please see the attached opinion from the U.S.Court of Appeals, No. 13-3505. "Jitka Vesel (“Jitka”) was shot with a handgun that was illegally purchased by Demetry Smirnov who found the weapon available for purchase on (“Armslist”), a website that facilitates the sale of guns between private owners. Alex Vesely (“Alex”) brought this action on her behalf, alleging that Armslist’s negligence in facilitating the sale proximately caused her death."

Scott Brown is a danger



Be on guard against Scott Brown, a candidate for United States Senate. Brown is a slick-talking wolf in sheep’s clothing. Brown tells you he supports your right to keep and bear arms. Be warned: Scott Brown’s actions undercut his claims to be "pro-gun".

My name is Penny Dean; I am an attorney who regularly practices before a variety of state and federal courts and administrative agencies. I am also an NRA certified instructor (Basic Pistol, Metallic Cartridge and Shotgun Shell Reloading) as well as an NRA Range Safety Officer. I teach Hunter Education. I am a graduate of the Lethal Force Institute I-III (when Massad Ayoob was LFI Director). I have testified countless times before New Hampshire House and New Hampshire Senate committees. I present analyses of firearms-related legislation. My goal: to help the General Court's members to understand firearms and other civil rights issues. Let’s look at the FACTS about Scott Brown’s views (and actions/votes) on guns:

FACT: Scott Brown backs assault gun ban-state & federal

“As a state legislator in Massachusetts I supported an assault weapons ban thinking other states would follow suit. But unfortunately, they have not and innocent people are being killed. As a result, I support a federal assault weapons ban, perhaps like the legislation we have in Massachusetts.” ….. “But Brown earned the endorsement of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in November’s election…” (Politico 12/20/2012; see or

The LAPD Is Looking for Shotgun That Fell off a Police Motorcycle

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently searching for a shotgun that fell off a police motorcycle. Yes, it fell off. The incident happened yesterday and police were quick to shut down the area where they believed the incident occurred.

Once again, it just… fell off.

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