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We have collected some relevant documents related to the Ares Armor case, with the BATFE, and the Complaint for deprivation of civil rights, declatory and injunctive relief.

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The Top 6 Craziest Things Cops Spent Forfeiture Money On

Under civil asset forfeiture, police can seize property suspected of involvement in criminal activity. Unlike criminal asset forfeiture, with civil forfeiture, people don't have to be convicted—or even charged—with a crime to permanently lose their cars, homes, or cash.

Even worse, in many cases, police get to keep what they seize through asset forfeiture. As long as cops get to keep what they seize, civil asset forfeiture will keep on spawning scandals.

Learn about even more crazy things purchased with forfeiture money...

You Won't Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal Video

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(thanks <a href="">ReasonTV</a>)

Kansas Considers A “Punish Complainers & Silence Critics” Bil

Just to review, in Kansas you can be SWAT-raided and never be permitted to learn the basis for the warrant. This means the police can get a warrant for bogus reasons and reasonably expect that, if their victims are innocent, they will never be able to call them into an account.

So naturally, the Kansas state legislature has decided to add official protections to the police so that they are still more invulnerable to public scrutiny.

The bill is, thankfully, stalled at the moment, but it is not dead. It is called the “filing false complaints against a law enforcement officer” bill.

"Let's do some damage" - Will Brooke video

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Cops or soldiers?

<img src=" align="right" width="340">FROM the way police entered the house—helmeted and masked, guns drawn and shields in front, knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside—you might think they were raiding a den of armed criminals.

Indianapolis cops must allow citizens to film police activity after $200k settlement

The terms of a recently settled lawsuit in Indianapolis, Indiana will require the city’s police force to remind officers that it’s legal for civilians to videotape on-duty cops, but it will also cost the department more than just that.

In addition to having to adopt an official policy recognizing the right for citizens to record law enforcement officials, the City of Indianapolis is also cutting a $200,000 check for a local man who was arrested and injured by police in 2011 after he refused to stop filming a nearby arrest.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Any New Gun Cases

The Supreme Court has declined to take on any of the 3 gun rights cases they considered.

Two of those cases were brought by the NRA, and they would have addressed the issue of the right to bear arms outside of the home.

Opinion: Media makes misleading case for more control

<p>With headlines claiming “<a href="">Study Shows Gun Control Works</a>,” media outlets such as <a href=", <a href="

What The Government Could Do With Your Cell Phone Location Data

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As long as it is turned on, your mobile phone registers its position with cell towers every few minutes, whether the phone is being used or not. Since mobile carriers are retaining location data on their customers, government officials can learn a tremendous amount of detailed personal information about you by accessing your location history from your cell phone company, ranging from ...


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