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The Push to Demonize Private Gun Ownership Never Stops

Americans use guns defensively about 2 million times a year — about 5 times more frequently than guns are used to commit crimes. But don’t expect to see gun owners saving the day on television. Instead, gun owners are bigoted, hotheaded, and dangerous.

ABC’s The Rookie has a scene where an armed neighborhood watch group is patrolling its neighborhood. One man wears a red baseball cap and picks up a Hispanic-looking man who is trimming a hedge in his yard because he “looks guilty as hell to me.” The police arrive and tell the patrol members to put away their guns because protecting the neighborhood is a “job for law enforcement.”

CBS’s SWAT had a similar theme. After a hit-and-run driver injures gay men, and others are threatened, a gay “gun rights group” tries arming itself for protection (February 21, 2019, Season 2, episode 16). The police explain that the job of protecting people is their own, and that the gay men are just “amateurs.” Letting people defend themselves is described as “shooting up the streets.”