Fewer Guns Don't Mean Less Crime: Harvard Law

When itemizing Second Amendment intellectual redoubts, Harvard Law School rarely comes to mind.

Across America, record numbers of everyday Americans possess firearms, a record number of states have relaxed their firearm restrictions and public support of the individual right to keep and bear arms remains at historical highs. Insulated urban and academic centers like Harvard, however, remain stubbornly resistant to the realities accepted and even embraced by most Americans.

Home Invasion Suspect Shot By Woman After He Climbed Through Her Baby’s Window

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — An intruder armed with a gun, zip ties, and a walkie talkie broke in through the window of a family’s home in broad daylight. The mother returned home to hear the crash of a window coming from the vicinity of the infant’s room and rushed to respond. Once she encountered the man, now identified as William Barnes, 38, he allegedly opened fire upon her. She used her own handgun to return fire, striking him multiple times. The infant was reportedly not hurt during the exchange and the suspect is in custody after being transported to the hospital.

911 response time versus the length of this video

"When only cops have guns,..."

WASHINGTON – An officer in the Metropolitan Police Department's first district “dry-fired” an unloaded weapon at the head of another officer during a roll-call meeting on Saturday afternoon, possibly under orders from a sergeant as part of a training exercise, four MPD sources tell WUSA9.

"When guns are outlawed, ..."

Presumably when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will continue killing people with knives and other edged weapons. And the good guys will no longer have guns to protect themselves and families. Here is a story from California, where guns are outlawed for most people, especially so in the scene of the crime which was Town Hall, this gun-free "safe" zone, thanks KCRA (www.kcra.com)

Student cited for wearing an empty holster

Two University of South Alabama students were confronted by campus police Wednesday, and one student was cited for “causing alarm” by wearing an empty holster.

Device used to trick cellphones into revealing location raises legal issue, lawmaker says

An electronic device that tricks cellphones into revealing a user's location is becoming a key weapon for law enforcement in its battle against drug traffickers, terror suspects and other dangerous criminals -- but its potential misuse against innocent Americans and the secrecy surrounding which agencies have the devices is of growing concern by civil liberties watchdogs and lawmakers.

$1,000 Handgun Tax PASSED on U.S. Soil

If you want to exercise your constitutional rights in the Northern Mariana Islands, you’d better be willing to fork up $1,000. The U.S. territory just decided to implement a handgun tax on any gun purchased on the islands, no matter what size or caliber.

According to the Marianas Variety, the bill was passed after the island’s gun ban was struck down last month. The bill also included language that said guns should only be used for self-defense.

Oklahoma school looks to deter violence with signs, guns

A rural school district in Wagoner County has erected signs on campus this week informing visitors that some staff members may use a gun if necessary to protect students.

The Tulsa World reports that the signs follow a gun policy that was approved by the Okay Public Schools board last August.

Video clears Texas man of assaulting cop—did police commit perjury?

"I knew the camera system was capturing everything the entire time. It knew everything that happened. I told him, 'You just messed up. You have no idea how bad.' He told me to 'shut up.'"

That's the conversation 47-year-old Larry Faulkenberry had with an officer of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Department after being leg-whipped to the ground and roughed up by three deputies in January 2015. Faulkenberry was tossed in jail for 10 days and held on $807,000 bail. He was staring down years in prison for assaulting a cop, resisting arrest, and other charges.


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