Spartan Man Found Guilty of Intentionally Killing Bears

An elderly man from Sparta, who shot and killed three bears on his lawn and was caught trying to dispose of the carcasses, was found guilty and fined by a New Jersey judge last week. The judge called the defendant's actions those of "a vigilante, usurping the right of the state," according to the New Jersey Herald.

So we should be like England?

<strong>Seven stabbings in 10 MINUTES as mass brawl rips through sleepy town</strong>

<img src="" align="right" width="200">A SLEEPY town has been littered with crime scenes after seven stabbings and a mass brawl - in 10 MINUTES.

Difference between kids in homes with or without guns

Police officers in Texas conducted an experiment to see how children raised in a home with guns reacted to finding a firearm without supervision. Officers released a handful of elementary school children into a conference room with a realistic “fake” gun that could not be fired.

Judge: Photographing Pa. police not always protected by First Amendment

<img src=" align="right" width="300">Photographing police activity without “any stated purpose of being critical of the government” isn’t constitutionally protected, a federal judge in Philadelphia has ruled.

U.S. Marshals secretly tracked 6,000 cellphones

The Marshals Service's surveillance log lists 5,975 cases in which the Marshals Service used stingrays. The agency declined to say what time period the log covered, or where the suspects were arrested. It also declined to identify the suspects, to protect their privacy.

"Just that sheer number is significant," American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Nathan Wessler said. "That's a lot of deployments of a very invasive surveillance tool."

Court: Cop sent 8,000 SEXTS to female crime victims, should get his job back

An appeals court has ruled that a male Cleveland police officer fired for sending 8,000 sexually explicit texts to female crime victims should get his job back.

Detective Vincent Lucarelli was fired in January 2013 after an internal affairs investigation found that he had committed numerous departmental violations that included the text messages which were sent to seven women, six of who were crime victims.

The violations also included him having contact with women at their homes while on duty and inside his police car.

"The same view of the farm as that enjoyed by passersby": Opinion, US v. Houston

ROGERS, Circuit Judge. Rocky Houston appeals his conviction of being a felon in possession of a firearm in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1). At trial, the primary evidence against Houston was video footage of his possessing firearms at his and his brother’s rural Tennessee farm. The footage was recorded over the course of ten weeks by a camera installed on top of a public utility pole approximately 200 yards away.

Universal employee sues over lost job involving gun

A former worker is suing Universal Orlando, claiming he was illegally fired for having a gun in his car.

Dean Kumanchik, a ride technician, filed the lawsuit in Orlando on Thursday.

Kumanchik says he regularly kept a firearm in a car at work. He says Universal officials fired him after someone broke into his car and stole the gun.

Major Crime detectives are investigating.

This is the last line from the article (thanks <a href="< "Man stabbed to death during Perth bus port brawl".

Please read about how people are unable to defend themselves in a society where guns are outlawed. And how criminals with knives are emboldened (for the same reason). And how the police prevent such atrocities (see our headline above for the spoiler).

Cash bail system under attack as unconstitutional

San Francisco is being sued for what a federal class-action lawsuit argues is an unjust bail system that penalizes the poor with unpayable amounts for small offenses, yet allows wealthy defendants charged with serious crimes back on the streets because they can afford to pay.

The City’s bail system is unconstitutional because it violates the principle of equal protection under the law, the lawsuit alleges. Six similar lawsuits have forced local jurisdictions across the country to amend their bail schedules so the poor are not negatively impacted.


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