Anti-Gun Hysteria Is Hazardous to Your Health

The data prove it.

Despite their avowed faith in science and data, all too many progressives view a gun as a kind of magical, evil object. It’s a metallic voodoo doll that is best not touched, handled, or brought into polite conversation, even when it can save lives.

Levi's says leave the guns at home

Saying that "a safe environment to work and shop is a top priority,'' the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. is requesting that gun owners leave their weapons at home when in the company's offices, facilities or stores.

In a letter posted on LinkedIn, Chip Bergh recounted how a Levi's customer recently got hurt when a gun the shopper was carrying accidentally fired.

Why 'Run, Hide, Fight' is flawed

With the tragic events in Orlando and elsewhere still weighing heavily on the nation, it’s important to review our policies and practices for active shooter and mass casualty incidents and look for areas to improve. Here’s what requires immediate attention: the public safety campaign which encourages potential victims to “Run, Hide, Fight.”

The “Run, Hide, Fight” campaign is a multi-agency effort, promoted most prominently through a widely-distributed training film produced by the City of Houston, with federal funding.

Selectman resigns over gun policy

A Wilton selectman has resigned after disagreeing with a town policy on whether employees should be allowed to carry guns, saying he found the changes “totally inappropriate.”

Former Select Board member Dan Donovan resigned Tuesday morning, the day after a 2-1 vote to revise an town policy that originally barred guns on town property. The new policy allows people – including on-duty employees – to carry concealed weapons on town property if they have the proper permits. Donovan voted against revising the policy.

Willful deprivation of rights under cover of law

NEW ORLEANS — A former police sergeant admitted on Friday [Nov 4 2016] that he helped cover up the fatal police shootings of two people in the chaotic days following Hurricane Katrina, ending a criminal case that roiled the New Orleans Police Department after the 2005 storm.

Gerard Dugue pleaded guilty to one charge of being an "accessory after the fact to willful deprivation of rights under cover of law," a misdemeanor.

What does "no fly, no buy" really mean?

Alan Korwin asks some thought-provoking questions about this idea, that is, if you are on some "no-fly list", what does it really mean?

"Gunism" runs rampant in lamestream media and leftist circles.

Ignorance, prejudice, bias are front and center when the subject is firearms.

Reporters fail to ask even the most basic questions:

If you can't fly, why can you drive?

Why are you even out walking around?

How can a person be too dangerous to go through a metal detector?

Oregon standoff verdict takes on new meaning

“It’s really kind of funny, because I think people distrust government now more than ever, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into not-guilty verdicts,” he said. “I think it’s really exciting for our society that, in this really high-profile case that people will be talking about over the dinner table, a jury paid attention to the law and the jury instructions and found the defendants not guilty.”

The resonance of the acquittal was felt deeply both in the courtroom and across the country, in part because of the drama in the courtroom itself — Ammon Bundy’s other attorney, Marcus Mumford, was tackled by bailiffs and blasted with a stun gun when he stood to demand an explanation for why his client wasn’t being freed immediately.

from Oregon standoff verdict takes on new meaning in a tense election year - LA Times

Feds Walk Into A Building, Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones

In what’s believed to be an unprecedented attempt to bypass the security of Apple iPhones, or any smartphone that uses fingerprints to unlock, California’s top cops asked to enter a residence and force anyone inside to use their biometric information to open their mobile devices.

FORBES found a court filing, dated May 9 2016, in which the Department of Justice sought to search a Lancaster, California, property. But there was a more remarkable aspect of the search, as pointed out in the memorandum: “authorization to depress the fingerprints and thumbprints of every person who is located at the SUBJECT PREMISES during the execution of the search and who is reasonably believed by law enforcement to be the user of a fingerprint sensor-enabled device that is located at the SUBJECT PREMISES and falls within the scope of the warrant.” The warrant was not available to the public, nor were other documents related to the case.

For more on this story, please visit Feds Walk Into A Building, Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones

ISIS to Jihadis: 'Forget Guns, Just Stab Them!'

Who needs a gun when a knife will work just as well and may even be more effective in terrorizing “infidels”?

That’s the message of the Islamic State’s multi-language magazine, the latest issue of which hit the Internet this week advising would-be jihadists around the world to use knives and blades in night time stabbing campaigns.

And it seems ISIS’ hate-fueled rant may have already paid dividends as stabbings took place in Brussels, Belgium and in Boulder, Colorado, on Wednesday.

I want to remotely disable Londoners' cars, says Met's top cop

Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe wants the capital's cops to be able to remotely disable people's cars, he told the London Assembly's police and crime committee today.

Hogan-Howe made the comments as part of a wider discussion between police and elected assembly members on police tactics for stopping cars being driven by criminals.

Asked by UKIP London Assembly member Peter Whittle about the potential for drones to be used in chasing car crooks making a high-speed getaway, Hogan-Howe said:


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