Guns and words are dangerous and must be banned

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Sometimes I try to think and nothing happens. Other times I get hit by a bolt out of the blue and "get it", that is, one of those "AHAAA!!!!!" moments.

Fourth-Grader nearly suspended for taking machine gun to school

This has to stop.

A Staten Island fourth grader was nearly suspended for taking a machine gun to school. A two-inch plastic replica belonging to a LEGO policeman.

MSNBC fear of hand 'shaped like a gun'

It is an often-heard charge that the so-called mainstream media has a bias against guns and gun owners. This bias is shown in blatant ways, often on editorial pages, and also in more subtle ways - even in purportedly factual news stories.

Bloomberg, Gun Laws, and FDNY bias

OK, I will save you the trouble and ask the question for you: "What is an article about New York Firemen doing on Penny Dean's page?"

Penny testifies on HB1635

We noticed that Penny is on another YouTube video, as shown on <a href=" Ridley Report</a>:

NH attorney Penny Dean testifies on unintended consequences

NH attorney Penny Dean testifies before the NH House Criminal Justice Committee on HB1635, prohibiting the open carrying of a firearm in a public building. 'Cause they're ever so much more dangerous if you know they're there... See the entire hearing at just as soon as I can get it posted...

Would gun laws have stopped this shooting?

<blockquote>ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - The man police say is responsible for a weekend shooting that forced the evacuation of a 24-screen movie theater pleaded not guilty to two charges when he faced a judge Tuesday morning.

Dante Aikins, 22, pleaded not guilty in metro court to two petty misdemeanors in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court.
Suspect in theater gunshot denies guilt | KRQE News 13 New Mexico (13 January 2010)

Police sift through clues

WESTFORD, Mass. (AP) - Authorities say a shooting over the weekend in the quiet town of Westford sent two people to the hospital.The Middlesex district attorney's office says the shootings at 48 Forge Village Road were first reported at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

A man was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was described by authorities as being stable. A woman was flown to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester and was reported in critical condition. Authorities did not release the victims' identities.

Homeowner uses gun to protect himself

Video is at,0,5982456.story and thanks to WREG TV in Memphis.<img src="/sites/default/files/Screenshot.png" width="200" align="right">

This story tells about a homeowner who was set up by the burglar's accomplice, and when the burglar violently entered the home, and after assaulting and beating the homeowner, the homeowner used a gun to successfully defend himself. Also according to the story, there were no calls for arresting the homeowner, or even much about an investigation, other than a simple arrest of the guilty parties.

Please, please take five minutes right now

We have a news ticker that updates constantly, and you can look at it by clicking to the link over on the left, called "<a href="">Gun Rights</a>". Today there are some seriously interesting articles that are "must read."

Please check it out, not only right now, but on a routine basis.

Here are some that we seriously ask you to consider reading:

One more for the files: "When guns are outlawed,..."

Stop me if you have heard this one. Elected officials say outlawing guns will solve crime. Law-abiding citizens surrender guns. Crime goes up, but only crimes committed by outlaws. Elected officials scratch heads. Law abiding citizens re-elect officials, asking for more gun control.

<strong>One dead, one injured in shooting </strong>

One man died and another is in a critical condition following a shooting in the early hours of New Year's Day.

The shooting took place in Thornton Heath, south London, at around 5am, the Met Police said.


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