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What's in a Name?

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:58

Third, police yourselves. Call it self-defense groups, neighborhood protection, vigilantes, friends, anything but “militias.” But the essence is the same: rely on yourself and on people who have known each other for a long time—no infiltrators, please—united and armed to take care of themselves as they think best. [More]

Actually, some of us hope to reclaim that word, but yeah, when we're talking low-hanging fruit I see how it hurts.  Especially some of the ones that call themselves "Three Percenters."

Then again, it doesn't matter what you call yourself. Anybody think the truth stops conflating liars from smearing you as whatever they want?

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You Can't Stop the Signal?

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:48

 Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls… [More]

I hope this really means what is being implied.

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Flushing the System

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:43

 Trump To 'Immediately Fire' FBI, CIA Directors If Reelected [More]

Followed with prosecution...?

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UPDATE: While you're at it, check out this guy.
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Just Like Old Times

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:41

 NYC ‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan Attacked With Rocks and Pepper Spray, Flags Ripped Up [More]

Wait a sec-- I thought the left called us "Nazis."

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Rumors of War

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:31

 Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing for Post-Election Day Chaos — ‘We’re Going to Fight Like Hell’ [More]

Interesting times...

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Damn White Supremacist Militias...

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:27

 Bernie Bro with Van Full of Guns and Explosives Plotted to Assassinate Biden. Media Buries the Lede, as Usual [More]

Well ... yeah.

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Divvying Up the Spoils

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:24

 Officials wrangle over setting up $2 million reward fund for tips on murders [More]

Let's just hope they don't shoot it out.

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We're the Only Ones Next Enough

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:20


Illinois police killed unarmed Black teen, shot his girlfriend in stomach [More]

Here we go again...

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We're the Only Ones Undiversified Enough

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:14

Diversity concerns raised over photo celebrating St. Louis County police unit [More]

Forget the fact that they're credited with "achieving a 94 percent clearance for homicide cases in 2019."

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Et Tu Fox 2?

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:10

 These 5 states are most at risk of election-time violence from militias, report finds [More]

What's the good of having a bandwagon if everybody doesn't jump on it?

I don't suppose anybody'd be interested in discussing the real thing?

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Burtht into Thong

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 14:54

 Model mom! OnlyFans star, 26, opens fire on two burglars armed with Uzis who attacked her husband and son [More]

Am I the only one who finds this a bit far-fetched?

And what the hell is an "OnlyFans star"?

[Via Jess]

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Ammo by the Pound

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 14:42

 Anyone from La Crosse County with unwanted ammunition can dispose of it properly on Saturday. [More]

I wonder if any buyers showed up. 

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Intentional Harassment

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 14:31

 Prior to that, a third party could help you fill out an electronic Form 1 using the ATF’s eForms system or paper forms. [More]

That way, you can screw it up and when they respond months later it will be to tell you to start the process all over again.  They've not only learned nothing since "Gunwalker," they've become more arrogant that they're untouchable. This is in your face and indicative of a corrupt bureau that is hostile to the administration it reports to. If Trump pulls November off, let's hope those who have his ear convince him that heads must roll here as well. Because if he doesn't, we're gonna see the chains come off and a lot of inner psychopaths being channeled.

[Via Jess]
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A Virtual Skirmish

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 14:17

Posted with no links at all. Of course, now the self-appointed hall monitors will claim there’s no sourcing, in order to evade reasoning, publicly known facts and self-evident truths. [More]

I found out about the virtual 2A Rally the day before it happened and decided not to do a post on it because it could come across as sour grapes for not being invited to participate. In truth, there is no way I would have expected to be, given past disputes with the principal organizer.

Now that my name has been brought into comments, I'm compelled to weigh in, particularly in light of this claim from the article:

"One of our key goals is to remind everyone that American Gun Owners are part of every demographic group, lifestyle and political affiliation. They have many different perspectives and opinions on guns… and every other topic!"

Good for them. Pointing out that gun owners are diverse is a good thing. I do it myself from time to time, over race, over sexual orientation, over religion, and laud the unalienable right of all peaceable people to keep and bear arms and welcome their support. I was part of the group that crafted one of the first web-posted "Inclusion Statements" for gun owners.

That said, while some Democrats may be arguably "pro-gun," their support for the party and its platform make it a cognitive dissonance impossibility for them to be pro-RKBA. Ditto for socialists. I will not join hands with those who would cuff mine (or worse).

And that said, I see I see one huge perspective that was deliberately ignored. Its omission exposes the hollowness of any promise of complete diversity.

It is beyond a disservice to gun owners to put on a 2A Fest and purposely banish discussion of the greatest threat to their rights. That's because the principals behind it have pushed the "single-issue" evasion and dismissed all evidence outright and thoughtlessly.

Joe Biden, noting the success in Virginia crowed about by The New York Times, is counting on that, as did Hillary before him.

Yes, of course there are "pro-gun" immigrants of all nationalities, and I encourage and applaud them. After all, saying 70 to 80 percent of this or that demographic support Democrats and "gun control" de facto implies 20 to 30 percent have different views, and  I've made no secret of my admiration and gratitude for one of our foremost champions.

My bottom line on a Constitutional immigration policy: Powers are delegated to fulfill the scope of the Preamble. Enacting, enforcing, and upholding any law that does not "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" is an unconstitutional usurpation.

And that said, to comment poster Russn8r's detractors: I agree with him. You are ignoring his arguments and resorting to ad hominem, which is a logical fallacy. It's curious how people who stand to benefit the most from truth often fight with so much hostility against it. And threats to delete his responses are uncalled for.

As for the "numerous links" argument, as you can see from the length of his initial argument, three links to substantiate his claims are not excessive and are perfectly consistent with AmmoLand policy:

Ammoland encourages links, video, images and written opinion to add value to our news posts...

The comment form actually facilitates including links.

I'm actually very grateful to see someone defending my work and documenting the reasons why. Most of the time I put stuff out there that I know rice bowl gun groups want to avoid and it can be discouraging to know that while some readers may agree with the evidence, most won't do anything about it. I know it's not easy to take an unpopular position, especially when the "pragmatists" enjoy the major megaphones and there will be no shortage of angry respondents.

So thank you for speaking up for me and my work in a forum that has so far been unkind to you, although I do note several "thumbs up" for your comment at this time (let's hope the "down-thumbers" don't decide to swarm that).

Just as it's not about guns, it's about freedom, the goal is not unity with gun owners. It is unity with the truth.

And there's one other comment I'd like to give props to:

Someone needs to get Dr. Edwin Vieira on the list so that it actually is about the 2nd amendment. ALL OF IT.

Bravo! If we limit our arguments to "self-defense" and ignore "the Militia of the several States," the antis will always find a way to disallow "weapons of war," or as Tench Coxe called them, "the birthright of an American."

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The Exception to the Rule

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 13:17


Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA, Inc. (PLIUSA) is a grassroots organization composed of legal immigrants who cherish American Values and America’s founding principles. As first generation immigrants, we personally lived through nations ruled by socialist, authoritarian, or anarchistic regimes. We have a deep appreciation of American values and understand the consequences that unfold if they are unguarded. [More]To those who dismiss me a being a xenophobe and a hater, they're forgetting I have always supported great individuals like these. Case in point...
What I object to is bringing in 70-80% "pathway to citizenship" Democrats for the obvious reason of creating an undefeatable regime that will bring about unadulterated socialism and ban guns. 
With the understanding that powers are delegated to fulfill the scope of the Preamble, enacting, enforcing, and upholding any law that does not "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" is an unconstitutional usurpation. 
That and we've seen what happens government is not "rigorous."
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An Almost-Perfect Ending

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 12:57


The only improvement I could suggest would be if they had dragged the announcer out of the press box and thrown his @$$ over the centerfield fence.

[Via Geordan]

UPDATE: Well, that didn't last very long. It was like a Little League or middle/high school baseball game where the announcer said over the PA they would not do the National Anthem so the crowd and players stood and sang it in defiance. I dunno, I guess his voice could have been dubbed in -- who knows?
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Who But Apparatchiks Would Cover This Up?

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 11:56

Here's some stuff you'll never see from the DSM:

Look, obviously I don't have the resources to validate the credibility of these links, but the point is, the people who do aren't even mentioning and presenting evidence to debunk them.

[Via Laocoön]

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Unintended Consequences

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 11:48

 Who would have guessed that Democrats in Richmond would be better at increasing gun sales in Virginia to record levels than the NRA? [More]

Just about anybody paying attention and who has seen this happen time after time for decades, as the word "predictable" in the title and the rhetorical question imply...

[Via Keith B]

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The Super Citizen

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 11:42

"Y'all know who I am?" [More]

More importantly, we know what you are.

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Gun Owners for Disarmament

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 11:36

Horner told me he doesn’t consider himself political, but he said he’s planning to vote for Biden. [More]

Horner is an idiot. if I were an FFL I'd tell him to get the hell out of my store.

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