Illegal jewelry

<a href=""><img src="" height="100" align="right"></a>Common sense be damned. This woman had her necklace taken by airport security because it looked like a gun (click the picture for a better view).


Pink guns would be illegal in Nassau County, NY

The very idea!

<blockquote>In June 2008, Nassau passed Local Law #5, criminalizing the possession and sale of “deceptively colored handguns” as a supposed danger to law enforcement. The law originally banned all handguns except for those that are “black, grey, silver, steel, nickel or army green.” It does not grandfather currently owned guns and mandates that gun owners surrender all banned guns for destruction without any compensation, and with no opportunity to sell them outside the county. <a href="">link</a></blockquote>

Mass. state gun storage law is argued before SJC

<blockquote>"I submit to you that Heller stands for the proposition . . . that the state does not have a right to regulate to this extent the possession of unloaded firearms - or even loaded firearms, perhaps - in the home for lawful purposes such as self-defense,'' said attorney Edward F. George Jr., who represented the Gun Owners' Action League and Second Amendment Foundation Inc., which filed a friend-of-the-court brief.</blockquote>

<a href="">State gun storage law is argued before SJC - The Boston Globe</a>

Anti-American is different than Un-American

An outstanding article at American Thinker ( gives a short history about the nature of America and Americans, and of course, the Second Amendment is mentioned:

We salute...

Cranky Chicks with Guns, at

They bill themselves as "A mother-daughter blogging duo. With guns." Go check them out!

If at first you don't succeed,...

We haven't reached an opinion on this ourselves. See what you think about it. From <a href="

All the good reasons for gun control?

We often hear people explain why "common sense gun laws" will be so great for society. Unfortunately, they have been misled by people who are either ignorant, or liars.

Temple homeowner chases burglar away with shotgun

<a href=" Nashua Telegraph reports</a> with the above headline that there was another one of the millions of Defensive Gun Uses (DGUs). Just the presence of the homeowner with a gun scared away the badguy without a shot being fired.

<blockquote>TEMPLE – An apparent teenage burglar dressed in a blue hooded sweatshirt was sent fleeing Thursday by a homeowner with a shotgun, police said.

Guest Editorial: Carrying a pistol at a rally?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the guy who was carrying a pistol in Portsmouth near a presidential appearance. Comments from the press often include terms such as "concealed permit", "automatic weapon", and even "racist" and "second amendment." Code words like that are injected for many reasons, but usually to sell papers, or simply out of ignorance.

Carrying a weapon is serious

We blame Hollywood for instilling the opinion that guns are playthings. How often do you hear the comment "oh, you should be shot!" or "I could have shot him for saying that" or similar. In the fantasy world they live in, shooting someone is how to resolve frustrations.

In reality, the decision to use deadly force is a serious thing.


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