Who is responsible for making the decision?

That is, once you make a decision, right or wrong, who is responsible for the consequences of that decision? You are, of course. You can get all the advice you want, listen to it or not, but ultimately, it is your choice and you live or die with the results of your decision. John Longenecker says:

<cite>For all the castigation editorial boards and so-called anti-violence non-profits hand the electorate for criminal violence, they leave one thing out: who has to live with the silliness of talking them out of fighting back? Well, you do, of course, not them. For all the lies, disinformation and defamation emanating from the anti-gun groups, they don't have to live with your choice. It is unconscionable for them to talk people out of the optimal actions and choices they have, and hand them a virtual death sentence of sorts and not have to live with the advice.

<cite>Do you see what the gun control nuts are doing to the country? Do you see how they don't have to live with the choice you make in refusing to own a gun? It is an attack on gun owners as if 80 million are committing the violence in the news and somehow justifying earning for themselves the call for banning guns.

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