Chicago has some of the most oppressive gun control in the USA

Not surprisingly, here are the results, as told by a site that is anti-gun rights:

Last summer, 125 Chicago families lost loved ones in combat. But unlike the coffins draped in American flags returning home from Iraq, these contained victims of local gun violence. The city of Chicago had suffered nearly twice as many fatalities as all American soldiers in Iraq over the same period. Their battlefields were the streets of Chicago — the very streets now courting the 2016 Olympics.

In all of 2008, the city tallied over 500 homicides, 80 percent of which were caused by gunshot wounds. In total, the social costs of gun violence in Chicago are estimated at $2.5 billion.

See the entire article, and see how gun control fails to stop gun crime, in <a href=" gun control debate must be re-framed as a pro-security issue</a>