Would this have happened if he were armed?

There is a buzz in the internet about a video that seems to show a man at a so-called Tea Party rally, who is holding nothing more than a bull horn, getting assaulted by a man who seems to disagree with what he is saying. The video shows the first man being punched in the face by the second man. The first man, standing with his wife and child, does not return the blows, but instead, the crowd yells for police assistance. This police assistance is not forthcoming by the end of the video. You can <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91KiD71taJs">watch the video here</a>.

It is important to note that we are reporting on a video that was spotted on the internet. We do not know these individuals and we did not witness the event. More importantly, there has been no trial in court.

But there was a case recently in the news in New Hampshire where a man was openly carrying a firearm during a similar public demonstration. There were people who expressed concern about what would happen if someone lost their temper, or if the event turned violent.

In our experience, it is very unlikely that a man would assault an armed person in the manner shown on this video.


The victim of the assault was charged with the same crime as the the man who attacked him. Had he defended himself, or used a weapon to defend himself, and his family I wonder what other charges he (the victim) would be facing. Calling for the police to help has only made the situation worse. Now on top of his sore jaw he will be dragged thru the courts, and pay the price for attempting to speak as a free man.

That guy who got punched in the face was charged by the police. There is a video on Fox News where he is interviewed about the incident. It has video from his camera and from another guy standing next to him. There is also video of the slugger driving away. The police are nowhere to be found, until much much later, after the assault.