What does "no fly, no buy" really mean?

Alan Korwin asks some thought-provoking questions about this idea, that is, if you are on some "no-fly list", what does it really mean?

"Gunism" runs rampant in lamestream media and leftist circles.

Ignorance, prejudice, bias are front and center when the subject is firearms.

Reporters fail to ask even the most basic questions:

If you can't fly, why can you drive?

Why are you even out walking around?

How can a person be too dangerous to go through a metal detector?

What are they charged with, exactly?

Nothing, except the prejudice of gunism.

We should take away all their other guns too

from http://pagenine.typepad.com/page_nine/2016/10/hillary-insists-no-fly-no-... Page Nine: Hillary Insists: No-Fly No-Buy for Guns