State senator says school districts should be able to set gun policy

State senators debated Tuesday whether schools should be allowed to be gun-free zones.

State Sen. Martha Hennessy. D-Hanover, put forth the 74-word amendment to a school safety bill to give school districts greater control of gun policy.

"My amendment would allow local school boards to decide, for their own schools, whether to allow firearms in the building or on school buses," Hennessey said.

The amendment is drawing fierce opposition, with some arguing that it's the first step toward greater restrictions of gun rights.

"And that's really what it comes down to, is they hate firearms," said Penny Dean, of Concord.

"New Hampshire schools are safe because we allow the carrying of guns by the law-abiding," said Alan Rice of Gun Owners of America. "It is often said when seconds count, the police are minutes away."