Series of indictments nearly wipes out Llano Police Department

Grand jury indictments against a city of Llano police officer and a Llano County deputy are the latest in a series of criminal charges against the largest municipal police force in the county.

On Aug. 13, a grand jury indicted Llano Police Officer Mark Burke and Llano County Deputy Duncan Roberts each on three counts of official oppression after trying to pick a lock at a home, then kicking the door in and arresting a man inside.

The August indictments are the latest in a string of criminal charges that have led to the resignation, suspension and termination of five Llano city cops —including the force’s police chief.

Roberts is the latest Llano County Sheriff's Office deputy charged in connection to any of the abuse of power charges since the first indictment came down in December 2017.

As of this report, five officers are awaiting trial on multiple counts of abuse of power charges.