MSNBC fear of hand 'shaped like a gun'

It is an often-heard charge that the so-called mainstream media has a bias against guns and gun owners. This bias is shown in blatant ways, often on editorial pages, and also in more subtle ways - even in purportedly factual news stories.

A good example of this was seen on MSNBC's accounting of a health care reform discussion, including a US Senator from Michigan. This Senator, when asked by an unnamed person "what is next for the legislation?" she replied that she is looking to see what there is support to do. This would seem to be a reasonable answer to a reasonable question. But watch the way it was reported by MSNBC, and I am purposely including a sentence from a previous paragraph in their story:

He said Obama does not believe a major health care revision is <strong>dead</strong>.

Asked what is next for the legislation, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., shaped her hand like a <strong>gun and pointed to her head</strong>. "We're looking to see what there's support to do," she said.

<a href="">Dems reject quickest fix for health care passage - Health care reform-</a> (22 January 2010)
</blockquote> - emphasis added

If I understand this correctly. <strong>the Senator mimicked pointing a gun to her head?</strong> If that really happened, I would think there would be pictures of the event. Or is it possible that this was an interpretation, some imagination by the author of that article about a fear of guns (the author also unnamed)?

Could it be that the event never happened, but instead was injected into the account, in order to add the "fear of guns" into a discussion about laws and lawmaking?

You tell me. I would really like to see a picture of Senator Stabenow if she "shaped her hand like a gun and pointed to her head."