Massachusetts Woman Jailed for 17 Years is Freed After Prosecutors’ Racist Emails Emerge

Frances Choy, a 34-year-old woman from Brockton, Massachusetts who was wrongfully convicted and spent 17 years in jail for the death of her parents, has been freed after the recent discovery of racist emails between prosecutors in her case.

Prosecutors filed a nolle prosequi, an official notice stating they will no longer pursue the charges against Choy and will not go forward with the fourth murder trial in a status hearing on Tuesday, according to WBUR.

Choy, who was only 17 at the time, was accused of killing her parents, Jimmy and Anne Trahn Choy, in a fire that happened in their home on Belair Street in Brockton on April 17, 2003. She survived the fire along with her 16-year-old nephew, Kenneth Choy, who is the grandson of Jimmy Choy from a previous marriage in Hong Kong.

Both Choy and Kenneth were questioned by the Brockton Police in 2003. The teen denied any knowledge of the fire. The police said at some point she admitted to having a role in the crime, but she retracted her statement.

At the time, the police said they did not have any way of recording interrogations, but Choy’s defense presented evidence from a retired Brockton Police officer proving it was false and the police were able to record the questioning.

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