L.A. Snitch Program a Diversion from Utter Failure of Disarmament Laws

“The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to create a program that would offer a $1,000 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the recovery of an illegal firearm,” Brentwood Patch parroted, noting the measure was approved 15-0. “The vote also authorizes the Los Angeles Police Department to enter into an agreement with Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers to collect tips on individuals in possession of an illegal firearm, and to anonymously pay out the rewards.”

To no one’s surprise, the politician pushing this is Paul Krekorian, as committed an enemy of the right to keep and bear arms as anyone on the council, which is saying something. He was also a driving “force” behind a “lock up your safety” edict, as well as a standard capacity magazine ban, which ought to make itself more fully felt (at least by the “law-abiding”) the next time L.A. has an “uprising.”

As for Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers, now empowered to act as Gunsnitch Central, it claims partnerships with “87 Cities, and 44 law enforcement agencies within Los Angeles County.”

“All tips are completely anonymous,” Crime Stoppers promises. “No personal information, phone number, e-mail, IP address or location is ever requested, saved, traced, tracked or monitored.

“All tips are handled by a third party service provider,” the program overview elaborates. “You will never have physical contact with any law enforcement agency, communication is done by a encrypted chat using a code and password [and] up to a $1,000.00 reward can be collected anonymously.”

Instructions are then provided to “submit a tip” online, by phone call or by the smartphone app, to check back for updates, and finally for “claiming your reward.”

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