Kobach: The Riots Remind Us Why We Need the Second Amendment

For years, Philadelphia has been run by liberal progressives who oppose private gun ownership. In Philadelphia, a permit is required to carry a gun or transport one in a vehicle. Although Pennsylvania state law prohibits Philadelphia from enacting all of the gun control measures the city’s leaders wish, the city’s website reads like a gun control propaganda sheet.

The city’s progressive leaders believe that guns should not be widely owned by ordinary citizens. The protection of the city’s residents should be handled exclusively by the police department.

But what happens when the police are unable to protect the city’s residents? The entire theory collapses. That’s exactly what happened over the weekend in Philadelphia.

The looting and rioting escalated to the point where the police could not cover the city. In some parts of the city, looting was occurring without any police interference. In other places, police cars were hijacked or burned by the rioters. The Philadelphia Police Department asked for help from neighboring police departments in Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Abington Township, as well as the state police.

Times like this remind us just how important the Second Amendment is. When thousands of rioters loot and burn the businesses of innocent people, there’s only so much the police can do to protect them. And in cities like Philadelphia, the police were completely overwhelmed.

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