Detroit Police Shot a Woman's Dog and Allegedly Dumped It in Garbage Can

A Detroit woman is demanding answers and an apology after police shot her dog and allegedly dumped it in a neighbor's garbage can—the latest in a string of dog shootings by Detroit police that have outraged owners and led to many costly lawsuit settlements.

According to WDIV Local 4, which first reported the story, Detroit police were searching for a carjacking suspect Sunday night when an officer entered the backyard of Tiffany Lindsay. The officer peeked into a doghouse and, unsurprisingly, found Lindsay's dog Jack. The dog reportedly lunged at the officer, and it was shot and killed.

Dog shootings like this are sadly common across the United States. Just browse the "puppycide" tag on Reason's website. Some are justified and some are the result of poor training or maliciousness, but what happened next isn't in any police training manual.

The next morning, Lindsay's neighbors informed her that her pet had been dumped in their trash can.

Lindsay told the news station that officers never told her why her dog had been shot or why it was thrown away. "They didn't knock on my door and say nothing," she said.

A 2016 Reason investigation found Detroit police had a nasty habit of shooting dogs during drug raids, which had led to a series of costly lawsuits. Public records obtained by Reason showed that one officer on the department's narcotics unit had shot more than 80 dogs over the course of his career.

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