Court Rules Against California's Restrictions on Second Amendment Rights for Former Non-Violent Felons

The District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled against California's laws preventing individuals with non-violent felony convictions from exercising their Second Amendment rights, even after their convictions were vacated in other states. Plaintiffs, including Chad Linton, Paul McKinley Stewart, and Kendall Jones, had their convictions set aside or vacated and their firearm rights restored in their respective states. However, California continued to prohibit them from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

The court deemed California's ban unconstitutional and a violation of Second Amendment protections. It criticized the state's failure to prove the constitutionality of its law and highlighted the plaintiffs' status as law-abiding citizens with clean records. Cody J. Wisniewski, Vice President and General Counsel of FPC Action Foundation, emphasized the hypocrisy in California's treatment of individuals convicted of non-violent crimes. The ruling requires California to recognize the rights of peaceable individuals, including the plaintiffs.

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