Couple shot intruder who blew past ‘Smith & Wesson’ poster

An elderly Utah couple whose home sports a warning sign reading “Smith & Wesson spoken here” shot an intruder who either missed or ignored the reference to the famous gun manufacturer, according to a report.

The wounded burglar then bizarrely stripped down to his birthday suit and confronted deputies responding to the home in the small enclave of Old Iron Town, investigators said, FOX13 reported.

“They are a little bit elderly, they do have some disabilities,” Iron County Sheriff Lt. Del Schlosser said of the victimized couple, according to the news outlet. “They did fear for their lives and they did shoot at him.”

When the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Christian Holbert, walked out of the residence and approached police, he was tased.

Schlosser said the intruder “did not respond” to being tased, “but the deputies were able to subdue him.”

Investigators believe the suspect was on drugs, FOX13 reported.

Police said the homeowners were not injured and were within their rights to defend themselves from the burglar.

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It is worth noting that according to this account, the suspect was already being chased by the police and then was shot "several times" by the homeowners, and then was shot with a TASER by police, yet after that, required force to be arrested and handcuffed.

If this homeowner had called 9-1-1 instead of protecting themselves, it would not have done much good, since the police were already chasing the guy, and actually chased him into their home!

And presuming that they emptied their six-shooter, even with a 50% hit rate, this says something for having enough guns, having enough ammunition, and laws that limit magazine capacity disarm the innocent.