All the good reasons for gun control?

We often hear people explain why "common sense gun laws" will be so great for society. Unfortunately, they have been misled by people who are either ignorant, or liars.

One common reason we hear is that "most suicides are committed with guns." Their logic is extended to conclude that guns are the reason that people commit suicide, and if there were no guns, suicide would be so much harder. It takes a teeny bit of thought to thoroughly disprove this, and can be confirmed by anyone who has almost accidentally crashed their car, or almost accidentally fallen off a roof, or accidentally cut themselves. Those lucky people nearly killed themselves, without even trying hard.

Sadly, there is a recent news report about many people who recently committed suicide in a country that has those "common sense" gun laws already in effect: France. Were they rednecks? Were they hunters? Were they pro-liberty protesters? No, they were I.T. Weenies, just like your humble webmaster.

Former state-run telecommunications company France Telecom is under a lot of pressure from the union over employee suicides.

Over the last 18 months, 25 employees have taken their lives for what the union dubs "workplace stress" and pressure.

The latest suicide occurred last Thursday, by a 48-year-old employee who hung himself at his home and who had worked at one of France Telecom's research and development facilities in Lannion, according to Business Week and the AP.

France Telecom in Public Spotlight over 25 Employee Suicides

If people want to do something that is self-destructive, they will find a way. None of these suicides were done with guns.

It is likely that all 25 of these people voted for those "common sense" gun laws. In light of current events, maybe they should have saved some of that common sense when deciding what to do about a crummy job. Last time I had a crummy job, I quit. I also went to the range with a few large melons and soda bottles full of water, and...

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