Government Misconduct and Convicting the Innocent

From a recently-released report:

"The Report is limited to misconduct by government officials that contributed to the false convictions of defendants who were later exonerated—misconduct that distorts the evidence used to determine guilt or innocence. Concretely, that means misconduct that produces unreliable, misleading or false evidence of guilt, or that conceals, distorts or undercuts true evidence of innocence. (more)

How Police Fund Surveillance Technology is Part of the Problem

Law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local level are spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year on surveillance technology in order to track, locate, watch, and listen to people in the United States, often targeting dissidents, immigrants, and people of color. EFF has written tirelessly about the harm surveillance causes communities and its effect is well documented. What is less talked about, but no less disturbing, are the myriad ways agencies fund the hoarding of these technologies.

Gun Rights are for Everyone

I don’t fit the “old white guy” mold, and I’ve noticed it throws people off.

A few years back, I lined up at the mic during a meeting on campus carry. The middle-aged woman in front of me, sporting a Bloomberg-funded organization sticker, told me to take her place because “they need to hear from people like you.” I thanked her and made my comments at the mic—and proceeded to blow her mind when I, as a young female, revealed that I wasn’t supporting her cause.

It obviously hadn’t occurred to her that I might actually be in favor of protecting my right to keep and bear arms.

Take your pick: 'Hack-proof' blockchain-powered padlock defeated by Bluetooth replay attack or 1kg lump hammer

#smartguns #bluetoothTriggerLock

Police Punish the ‘Good Apples’

Police officers in the United States engage in all manner of bad behavior, such as excessive force, sexual misconduct, financial impropriety, and the manipulation of evidence. Holding them to account criminally, civilly, or professionally is extremely difficult, even in cases involving blatant malpractice and misconduct.

Gun crime down 80%. But why does the media say differently?

(note: we've started this video at 4:30 for purposes of our point. But viewing the entire video is highly recommended! -Ed.)

Sheriff Grady tells rioters, looters to stay out of Polk County

How Police Unions Became Such Powerful Opponents to Reform Efforts

Over the past five years, as demands for reform have mounted in the aftermath of police violence in cities like Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore and now Minneapolis, police unions have emerged as one of the most significant roadblocks to change. The greater the political pressure for reform, the more defiant the unions often are in resisting it — with few city officials, including liberal leaders, able to overcome their opposition.

Kobach: The Riots Remind Us Why We Need the Second Amendment

For years, Philadelphia has been run by liberal progressives who oppose private gun ownership. In Philadelphia, a permit is required to carry a gun or transport one in a vehicle. Although Pennsylvania state law prohibits Philadelphia from enacting all of the gun control measures the city’s leaders wish, the city’s website reads like a gun control propaganda sheet.

American Gun Owners Help Each Other Defend Businesses, Homes, Against Rioters

Philosophical figures as diverse as “traditionalist” Edmund Burke and “naturalist” George Santayana have stated similar versions of the phrase, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And today, many Americans are “learning that they’ve learned.”

They remember the indie Koreatown store owners who, often left without police protection during the 1992 Los Angeles Rodney King Beating riots, defended their lives, their property, and the well-being of their neighbors, by wielding guns against the wilding hordes.


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