Registered Gun Owners Receive Visits

<img src=" align="right">We read at that "Registered" <a href=" owners have been receiving visits from the state police</a>, under the guise of "checking up" on their firearms.

There are so many things wrong with this, it sets off bells and whistles in my head.

<li>Do the police have nothing better to do with their time and resources?</li>
<li>Do the police feel that registered gun owners at home are a threat to the public safety?</li>
<li>Do the police know that they have no legal reason to act this way?</li>
<li>Do the gun owners know that the are not required by any law to give in to this request?</li>
<li>Is the government continuing to push and push to find out where the line is?</li>

Hat tip to <a href="">AmmoLand. Check out their site</a>, and also take a look at <a href="">Maryland Shall</a>.