Oregon sheriff vows not to enforce strict new gun law: 'I take issue with all of it'

Linn County sheriff warns the embattled law will compromise public safety if allowed to take effect

One Oregon county sheriff says she will not enforce the Beaver State's embattled new gun law if it is allowed to take effect after a judge blocked the measure last week.

"I can't put handcuffs on someone knowing that there is this black cloud around the constitutionality of that magazine capacity limit," Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan told "America Reports" Wednesday. "The permitting, we'll have to do what we can for our citizens to make sure that they can still exercise their Second Amendment right."

Measure 114, also known as the Reduction of Gun Violence Act, was narrowly passed by 50.7% of Oregonians in the November midterms. The measure included a variety of changes, requiring gun buyers to obtain a permit, take a safety course, pay a $65 fee, submit a photo ID, be fingerprinted and pass a criminal background check. In addition, the measure bans magazines that hold 10 rounds or more. 

The measure is now on hold after the Oregon State Supreme Court decided it would not grant an emergency motion to overturn a lower court's ruling to block the law from taking effect.

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