Officer gives customer a ticket for cracked windshield in the parking lot of windshield repair shop

In a world of black and white laws, citizens count on police officers and judges to see the shades of grey in between. Some officers may consider the context of an offense before delivering a charge or citation. The cop in this story wasn’t one of them.

The windshield of Nick Berlin’s Subaru was smashed by a rock thrown by a hateful stranger. He was pretty sure things couldn’t get any worse, then he got pulled over. The traffic cop cited him for operating an unsafe or defective vehicle. The only problem? The officer wrote the ticket while he and Berlin were sitting in the parking lot of the windshield repair shop.

Berlin was literally about to pull in to the shop for a 3:30 appointment when the officer stopped him. The repair shop employees watched their now late customer receive a ticket 100 feet from the garage at 3:39 PM.

Berlin asked for leniency since the cracks were on the passenger side and he was trying to repair the damage as quickly as possible. The officer wouldn’t budge and gave Berlin a citation.

Do you think this is what happens when generating revenue is more important than enforcing the law?

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