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Pro-gun rights

On the Line

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 14:37

New security measures at the Capitol make for long lines [More]
Who thinks discouraging constituents they don't want to have to put up with wasn't a major motivator?

Perhaps realizing many who wish to make their voices heard could now be blocked, VCDL could have designated proxies, each presenting names for the record of 10 or so gun owners who have chosen them to represent their interests?  That way, the brunt could take place in the armed rally outside, and not have to leave their guns locked in their cars?

UPDATE: Never mind.

[Via Mack H]

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How About Walking the Talk?

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 14:33

Texas AG Destroys Media’s Anti-Gun Narrative on CNN: 'More People Need to Carry' to Prevent Tragedies [More
True enough. Will he lead the charge to call for the elimination of "gun-free zones" where they're not "allowed" to? Maybe not prosecute if no threat existed?

[Via Michael G]

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Phlegm Fatale

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 14:24

Video showed the woman had been shot in the neck ... [More]Damn lax American gun laws...

Say, you don't think they'd ever suspect we'd dare try again...?

[Via Mack H]
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Meanwhile, Across the Pond in Piers Morgan Paradise

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 14:08

So why didn’t the police and social workers do more to stop this? Because the crimes were considered racially sensitive. [More]Tommy Lee?
[Via Michael G]
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Bunny Gun Redux

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 14:03
Remember the Great "Bunny Gun" Raid?

Look how DSM stooge Matthew Theunissen characterizes the victim so that the sheep feel like the wolves are out there protecting them.

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It Depends Upon What the Meaning of the Word 'Gun' Is

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 13:54

At issue is whether a key piece of one of America’s most popular firearms meets the definition of a gun that prosecutors have long relied on. [More]Tell me about it.

No worries-- we'll just issue a ruling calling them "machineguns."

[Via Mack H]

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A Nonbeliever

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 13:44
"I refuse to believe that this is a right and left debate. I refuse to believe that this is a Democrat and Republican issue." [Watch]So you admit up front you're in denial yet you expect me to watch this 'til the end, and share it with everyone I know?

[Via several of you]
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A 'Bipartisan Political Donor'

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 13:30

I understand Epstein's cell is freed up... [More]

[Via Neil W]
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And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 13:22

The Senate Judiciary Committee has released its latest version of legislation to render your self defense firearms worthless. [More]That's the idea.
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So What Did She Have to Hide?

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 13:02

Former govt. agent admits illegally spying on Sharyl Attkisson, implicates govt. colleagues [More]
It does make "Who else?" a fair question to at least ask.

[Via Mack H]
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Doing His Best to Demotivate

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:57

'You Ran On America First': Laura Ingraham Grills Trump Over Support For Importing H-1B Foreign Labor [More]
Best not question Ivanka and Jared lest you be cast aside and disparaged like Ann Coulter, Laura. God forbid you ask him how they'll vote.

Besides, what are inconvenient truths when we have MAGA hats and mindless chants of "USA! USA!"?

[Via Mack H]
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And Don't Let the Door Hit You in the...

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:48
I imagine one of the principals will be posting a link to this soon. Until then, just enlarge these if you can't read them:

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The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:35

Twelve-year-old Gurden Campbell was one of the people in the crowd calling for lawmakers to act. [More
And that's all you need to know.

Except is "Pediatocracy" a new word?

[Via Mack H]

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Turning Blue

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:28

Dem Mark Kelly Continues To Dominate Sen. Martha McSally on Fundraising Front [More]And whose fault is it for taking the fire out of our bellies?

Add Flake, McCain, and Ducey, and is it any wonder the consensus is that the elephant is dying from self-inflicted wounds?

[Via Mack H]

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Nothing Secedes Like Secession

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:16

Whereas, In a spirit of conciliation, the Legislature of West Virginia hereby extends an invitation to our fellow Virginians who wish to do so, to join us in our noble experiment of 156 years of separation from the government at Richmond... [More]If not for totalitarians, it could be a win-win for everybody.

[Via Keith B]

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We're the Only Ones Unleashed Enough

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:09

Secret Service changes tune: Brooklyn dog shot by agent WAS on leash [More]We could tell you Agent Braveheart's name, but it's a secret.

[Via Michael G]
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Bad Apple?

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 12:02

Apple Said It Is Helping In The Pensacola Shooting Investigation, But It Won’t Unlock The Shooter’s iPhones. [More]
As a matter of who I fear most, I don't want the government having a free key, either. This may sound naive to those of you who understand such things, but couldn't an Apple tech be the one to unlock the phones under chain-of-custody supervision without giving the feds any encryption overrides, and then just turn over the court-ordered data?

[Via Michael G]
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By Popular Demand

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 11:49

To create a system where every vote counts equally, the Constitution must be amended. To do this, Congress should pass legislation reducing the size of Washington, D.C., to an area encompassing only a few core federal buildings and then admit the rest of the District’s 127 neighborhoods as states. These states — which could be added with a simple congressional majority — would add enough votes in Congress to ratify four amendments: (1) a transfer of the Senate’s power to a body that represents citizens equally; (2) an expansion of the House so that all citizens are represented in equal-sized districts; (3) a replacement of the Electoral College with a popular vote; and (4) a modification of the Constitution’s amendment process that would ensure future amendments are ratified by states representing most Americans. [More]
From well-heeled Harvard academics, eh? And how did Pol Pot treat educated elite "new people" again...?

[Via Steve T

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By All Means, Treat Her as an Equal

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 11:40

Man requests 'trial by combat' with Japanese swords to settle dispute with Iowa ex-wife [More]
To do otherwise would be sexist. That's why I'd oppose letting the male lawyer act as her champion.

[Via Steve T

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Define 'a Lot'

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 11:33
“A lot of people are worried, especially the large Hasidic and Jewish community in Rockland County,” Melanson explained. “I have had rabbis come in. Some of the rabbis already have concealed carry” permits. [More]I've yet to see something from the Jewish community unequivocally condemning the schmooish community for the destructive Marxist fools that they are, and that needs to happen before I'll give a damn

[Via Michael G]
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