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Speaking of Disenfranchising Voters...

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 16:30

 Clinton-Appointed Judge Rules Ohio Must Allow For Multiple Ballot Drop Boxes [More]

Here's hoping an immediate challenge overrules this robed traitor.

As someone who works the polls in Ohio for the express reason of ensuring the proceedings I help with are fair and honest, allowing this will make me reconsider if it's worth the commitment, the work, and the hours. 

The saboteurs had best think long and hard if they really want a critical mass having good reason to feel cheated by the results.

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Goodbye Columbus

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 16:14
Governor Northam Proclaims Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Virginia [More]Anybody got a picture of him wearing war paint and a feather headdress?
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The Wrong Damn Metric

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 16:10

 Virginia gun sales in 2020 soar past record: ‘It’s a year like no other’ [More]

So what? You've got an anti-gun Democrat government and none of your "gun rights leaders" are interested in admitting the big reason why that is, let alone forming any kind of grassroots strategy for dealing with it.-- even with The New York Times rubbing their faces in it.

And Jorge helped!

It's not about guns. It's about freedom.

That's got to be more than just a catchy slogan.

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The Carpetbagger

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:57

 Texas Dem House Candidate Hasn’t Lived in Texas for Years - Helane Seikaly used parents' address to vote in Texas while she lived in California [More]

And she's not behind bars because...?

I'm wondering where she got her driver's license and car registration from. 

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Life in the Technocracy

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:52

 A WIRED analysis finds roughly 95 percent of contributions by employees of six big tech firms have gone to Trump's Democratic challenger. [More]

They'd better hope the lights don't go out.

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The New Reality

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:47

 Harvard Report Pushes Gun Control As Rights “Reimagined” [More]

As long as you accept that your rights are what they tell you they are, we shouldn't have a problem.

It's not like they're endowed by our Creator or just plain inherent to being human anything.

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Altered Zamak

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:32

 The McCloskeys initial lawyer, Al Watkins, said that Patricia McCloskey knew that the handgun she had was inoperable because it had been used as a prop in a past lawsuit against a gun manufacturer.  [More]

How they could determine evidence tampering before it was officially evidence beyond a reasonable doubt tells me this is just spaghetti being thrown against the wall to see how much sticks. That said, WTH on the gun manufacturer lawsuit, and if it means what I think it means, why would I care if they end up being hoist on their own petard?

And what are rich people doing with a Bryco?

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I Wonder if She Floats*

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:21

 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed during an interview on her new podcast last week that young people are leaving Christianity because it has become too “judgmental” and “alienating.” [More]

Whereas what she immerses herself in is so liberating!

Hey, if black lives matter so much to her, how come she gets the same question that I asked Yelp?


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We're the Only Ones Resigned Enough

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:09

 3 out of 4 Winfield Police Department employees resign [More]

Well, at least they won't have to worry about defunding them...

Hey, what'll they do if they find they don't really need "community heroes," and the most noticeable impact is the loss of speed trap revenues?

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From the 'I Wouldn't Care Except to Make a Point' Department

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:04

 Rapper Tory Lanez charged with shooting Megan Thee Stallion [More]

That's OK-- she was insured.

I don't suppose we could draw any wider conclusions about why some communities have more difficult times than others from the values we see emulated and rewarded here...? Or is asking that racist?

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Across the Board

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 14:56

 My guess is you were approached by some type of lobbyist that represents a larger organization determined to alter our entire education system and use our kids and more importantly to you, our tax dollars. This school board wants to bring in radical ideologies embraced by BLM & Antifa.  [More]

Pretty much. 

Have you researched the backgrounds of your school board members to see how many aren't apparatchiks and stooges?

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Just Close Your Eyes and Think of England

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 14:49

 Why cultural intelligence is essential in the 21st century [More]

It's important to be able to empathize with those who would force you to raise your fist and kneel. And don't worry, it's still OK for them to cancel you as a fascist and a hater.

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An Incomplete Response

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 14:46

 Gun Purchases Are Breaking All-Time Records This Year Due To Lockdowns, Rioting, And Confiscation Threats [More]

Will they all vote, and properly?

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So How was the Food?

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 14:20

... Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page ... [More]

Over accusations. What could go wrong?

Great way to cancel someone who hasn't been found guilty of anything other than not taking a knee to communists. Meanwhile, they give race-based preferential competitive advantage treatment to non-whites.

I note their blog does not invite comments. Push back anyway.

I wanted to ask them how come I don't see one identifiably black face among their corporate "leadership."

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The Head Fruit

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 14:05

 Outrageous! Joe Biden Smears President Trump after Trump-Hating Anarchist Arrested in Whitmer Kidnap Plot [More]

Gee, and I'd developed such respect for these guys...

Do you think it's just camera perspective or does he look like he has an abnormally small cranial capacity?

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The Wrong Questions

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 13:24

 But there was one very important topic that was nearly totally ignored. The moderator, in fact, asked no questions about it. That topic was immigration. [More]

Why do you think that is?

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I Guess They're Right-- All Lives DON'T Matter

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 13:17

 Shocking video out of Texas shows a pair of Black Lives Matter agitators trespassing onto a Mexican family’s birthday party and destroying their property. [More]

In truth, I don't see proof of a BLM connection aside from a pretty good presumption that the aggressors are probably sympathetic to it. This could just be a dispute with entitled neighbors acting like @$$holes.

Either way, it would be nice if the victims here had connections who don't take kindly to their people being bullied like this.

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All Taqiyah and No Hassawi

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 13:03


Zul Mirza Mohamed, a 39-year-old candidate for Carrollton mayor, was arrested and charged with 109 felonies related to voter fraud — specifically mail-in voter fraud. [More]

This raises more questions than voter fraud for me...

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Proven Cheater Doesn't Trust You

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 12:55

 Military legal experts say Democrat North Carolina Senate candidate Army Reserve Lt. Col. Cal Cunningham’s recently-disclosed extramarital affair with a veteran’s wife indicates he could be a huge security risk because of the potential for blackmail. [More]

What gets me more is this self-control-challenged reprobate presuming to use the law to force outside control on the rest of us.

Not that that bothers Democrats none...

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Meanwhile, Across the Pond in Piers Morgan Paradise

The War on Guns (Codrea) - Fri, 10/09/2020 - 12:34

Is this what this country's come to? [Watch]

I get the feeling the same subjects asking this now didn't see a connection when the government was outlawing guns. Many of them sneer at any connection.

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